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Ants In Ya Pants


These boys undies are as reliable as your first bike and Australian as a Vegemite sandwich. Made from the same high-quality materials as the men's. Snug fit, full-throttle underwear for the active dude.

  • Bamboo lining
  • 88% Poly // 12% Spandex
  • 2cm microfiber waistband with backbrush
  • Ultra soft quad-stretch, micro-mesh polyester blend fabric
  • Tagless with heat pressed labels
THE STYLE Funky trunks for funky kids! Just like the mens these boys trunks are made for everyone.
  • Classic boys style trunk or boxer short
  • Short leg
  • Form fitting

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The Artwork

Phil Ramskill @philustrations
The last element of the pirate Trilogy, comes after Booty Hunt and Ship Hip Hooray! Somewhere in the Coral Sea off northern Australia, there’s said to be a small, nameless island populated only by Green Ants. In fact to this day, no-one knows exactly where the island is. Many tales have been passed through the generations, but as the story goes, hundreds of years ago a bunch of fun-loving pirates would head there for their annual pirate summit, to plan the year ahead.

Deep underground, the pirates constructed a brewery to develop a sacred ale infused with the local, exotic ants. In return, the pirates would serve Riwaka hops to the colony of ants, giving them superpowers. The ants formed wings and grew to over 12 feet tall. It was a win-win. The magical brew would grant the drinker everlasting good times while on the island, and quickly became the most powerful drink in the galaxy.

However, such power could not be left unprotected. The trusty ants were sworn to protect the brew by the almighty Sun (who was in on this too, of course), and more importantly, to keep the recipe hidden while the pirates were off doing whatever it is pirates do.

But, the incredible island vibes and awe-inspiring ale could not remain hidden forever. One day as the ale was brewing, an advanced army of alien space ants in whirling UFOs arrived with a mission to pinch the recipe and abduct all the local Green Ants. Thankfully at this point, the mighty Sun opened his eyes and in his usual heated self, summoned his pirate mates to fight off the alien invasion. He even shot laser beams from his eyes... pew pew! It was awesome.

The battle didn't last long. The giant Green Ants and pirates claimed a stunning victory, and continued to brew good vibes on the island for many years. The secret recipe was kept safely hidden… until now.

It's like a party in your pants. Only louder!

    Pin-hole breathability
    Our innovative pin-hole mesh fabric incorporates a blend of Poly and Spandex. It breathes to keep you cool and fresh, reducing ride-up and eliminating cheeky chaffe. Ultra light and stupendously soft!

    Odour and freshness
    The integrated Sanitized® hygiene function from Switzerland protects against bacteria and odour. The high-tech wizz-bang protective finish prevents staining without affecting the softness!

    Organic Goodness
    Our FSC certified and organically grown bamboo lining is naturally moisture wicking and resistant to pesky odours. Your glorious bod will feel cooler and more comfy than a cuddly cushion!

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