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I'm the nervous type. Can I try a pair first?

Of course! You can purchase single pairs of previous designs (or special editions) in our online store for $29. Or, you can simply join the club for only $25 and cancel after your first pair if it’s not for you. That way you're guaranteed the new design!

Can I choose the design?

Nope! The Undie Club is built on the experience of a surprise. Not knowing what the design is you’re going to receive is half the fun. If you’re not a fan of surprises, you may prefer to take a look for the designs you like in our online store.

What’s the material?

All underwear uses our trademarked HyperMesh which is a blend of poly and spandex. The men’s are lined with HyperChill, a moisture wicking fabric.

Where are they packaged and dispatched?

Each Knobby is hand prepared, packaged and dispatched from our new facility on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Do you sell them in stores?

Knobby began as a simple idea; really cool undies delivered to your door. Years later Knobby has grown beyond Subscription Underwear to include kick-ass apparel, unique gifts and packaging, and a community of loveable larrikins known as the KnobbyNation!

How does Knobby Undie Club work?

All Knobbys are only $25/month and shipped free Australia wide. Simply select your size and if you want to receive a new pair every month or second month. Soon after, your first KNOBBY will arrive at your doorstep, beautifully packaged with your snazzy welcome pack! Your subscription will renew each month on the same date that you first subscribed and you can cancel anytime!

Is there a fee to join Knobby?

No bloody way. We don’t have a fee, no fine print, you just pay for your underwear each month. We know you like things pretty simple, that’s why we’ve made it the most upfront transparent system with no hidden fees.

Can I get them sent every second or third month?

Sure can! When you first join the club, you’ll be given the option to choose either monthly or every second month. You can even customise your plan to be every third or fourth month too by shooting an email to our support ninjas.

Already a customer / member?

How do I update my Subscription?

We’ve got a super cool Members Portal in the works, but until then you can update your Subscription here:

How do I make changes to a Gift Subscription?

You can update your Gift Subscription here:

Can I add Kids Knobbys to my Subscription deliveries?

Absolutely - Knobby is fun for the whole family! Head here to add them for your next order. You’ll need to have an existing Subscription with at least 1 pair of Adult Knobbys to add Kids Knobbys.

How can I cancel my Subscription?

Easy peasy, just head here:

How can I reactivate my Subscription?

Even easier! Head over here:

How can I raise a billing query for my Subscription?

Make sure to include as much information as possible and fill out our form here:

I placed a Shop order but made a mistake, how do I fix it?

Let our Support Ninjas know ASAP using this form: We’ll do our best to catch it!

Can I track my Knobbys? What if they get lost in the mail?

For sure! Select Priority Shipping with Tracking when you join the Undie Club and you’ll receive a tracking number each order. All orders from the Knobby Shop include tracking. If you think your order has gone missing, with or without tracking, you can raise a query here:

What if I order the wrong Knobbys, or if I get sent the wrong Knobbys?

Mistakes happen! Let our Support Ninjas know what happened using this form and they’ll get back to you with a solution!

Can you replace faulty or damaged Knobbys?

Knobby takes pride in the quality of our products and our packages. If you’ve received something not quite right, let us know right away here:

What’s your Returns Policy?

Pretty damn good if you ask us! Check it out for yourself here:

Need to chat to Knobby about something personal?

Here’s your chance to chat with the Head Honchos at Knobby! Hit us with your Feedback, Stories, Events or Charity Causes, or even just your Wildest Idea… Nothing is off limits!

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