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It was a hot and dusty summer during 2011 in a tiny town called Chillagoe in remote far north Queensland.

Getting dressed for another six hour round trip to the closest shops, Rob noticed his undies didn’t only lack imagination, but had more holes than a fishing net.

He knew the underwear industry could be improved, and he could make the most comfortable, most imaginative underwear. More importantly, he knew from experience, there are better things to do than underwear shopping. There was no simpler way to receive underwear than to your door, each month via subscription.

He founded the company, then on October 11 2014, the first pair of underwear was sent and Knobby was born.
The following years were about determination, risk, creativity, imagination, excitement, commitment and a drive to continually overcome adversity. The ideals embodied during that time are still relevant each day and our culture is built on this.

Knobby has changed the way people think and buy underwear. We’ve made a topic once rarely discussed, now promoted freely to have a positive impact on their lives and make their confidence shine.

We are passionate about our own potential, and when we’re working together there’s no telling what we can do, as we’re the ones that will write the next chapter of Knobby’s story.

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Surprise Package To Your Door

But the true idea for Knobby isn’t just about the undies themselves. They’re shipped direct to your door every month, no fees, no hassle. You’ll never get the same design twice, so every time you open the box it’s a surprise package for your package. No more shopping and no more running out of undies! You’re part of an exclusive club, a member of a worldwide fraternity of geniuses who’ve figured out the secret to eternal nether-region happiness. Join for as little time as you want: no lock-ins, no minimum spends, no cancellation fees. It’s just the best way to get the best undies.