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90% of male subscribers receive Trunks, they can’t all be wrong!

6 more reasons why we think you should change over to trunks

  1. We're giving you 50% off your first 3 months in trunks when you change.
  2. You'll keep the same price of $20, vs paying $30 in the shop for briefs.
  3. Your chaffy thighs will thank you. Our Trunks and Long Legs are made of our new innovative quad stretch mesh fabric is a perfect blend of Poly and Spandex.
  4. There is more surface area to show off our epic designs.
  5. Even better for sweating up a tropical storm, as they're lined with a performance fabric that includes an effective fibre-based moisture management system. It moves perspiration and moisture away from you, allowing you to feel cooler and more comfy.
  6. Your lover will dig a bit of a surprise when you bust out in some new undies! Trust us.

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