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Whip It Real Good | R-Willy x Knobby

Article by Tahlia Raven - 08/02/2024

Whip It Real Good | R-Willy x Knobby
Whip It Real Good | R-Willy x Knobby

Did you hear the scoop? Our second collaboration with the world’s premier scooter rider, Ryan Williams is back in stock and it is gelato fun!

If there is one thing the world doesn’t know about Ryan “R-Willy” Williams, it’s that his favourite dessert is a soft serve cone, so when our designer reached out for inspiration on the collaboration that’s where the magic of R-Whippy started.

This limited edition range is made in his signature black and gold colour palette with a dash of leopard print and topped off with a shiny metallic gold waistband.

Grab your pair before they melt away!

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