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The Punchline | Melinda Waters

Article by Tahlia Raven - 23/11/2023

The Punchline | Melinda Waters
The Punchline | Melinda Waters

Meet Melinda!

Melinda Waters is a professional Muay Thai Fighter and Knobby ambassador.

Knobby gives its customers the power to be their most confident self and we love that Melinda embodies the same ideals. As a pro female fighter and advocate for the sport, the demand to showcase a curated training regime, body shape, weight, and lifestyle can be overwhelming but through her social media platform @_melindalee and her coaching, she is breaking down the stigma by unashamedly talking about the real and raw versions of her life.

Melinda gives everyone the power to be their most confident self.

In this blog post we introduce you to Melinda and explore her career in Muay Thai, the advice she has for aspiring female athletes, her love for Knobby, and a whole lot more!

Melinda wearing the Knobby Staples Bralette in black for her weigh-in at Destiny Muay Thai

What inspired you to pursue Muay Thai, and how did your journey as a Muay Thai athlete begin?

I have been boxing since I was 18 years old. During COVID I couldn't get to my boxing gym due to the border restrictions so I looked for a PT close by. I found a woman who would become my first coach in Muay Thai. She trained me one-on-one in her backyard during lockdown, then when the gym reopened I joined up. That was back in April 2020.

I fell in love with the training and the discipline and started to see a noticeable difference in my body, weight loss, muscle and fitness. I had my first fight in December 2020 and after winning my first amateur fight, I haven't looked back since. Now with 11 Fights (8W,3L) under my belt, I'm a professional fighter and kids coach

Could you share one of your most memorable victories in your Muay Thai career so far?

My most memorable victory would have to be my 1st professional fight. I was fighting on the first ALL FEMALE Muay Thai League card. My goal for that fight was to cut my opponent open. I didn't care if I won or if I lost I just wanted to see blood. In the last 10 seconds of the fight I caught her with a slashing elbow which cut her eye open. I also got the Win and a Performance of the Night Bonus.

What advice would you give to aspiring female athletes who want to pursue a career in Muay Thai or any other combat sport?

The road to fighting is not easy. Learning the sport is tough, then when you think you've got the basics down pat, more gets added. Next thing you know you're sticking to a very strict training and eating regiment and then cutting weight for your first fight. It's all tough, but its 100% worth it. The feeling of stepping into the ring is a feeling like no other. Don't let the moments where you feel like you aren't ready or you aren't good enough stop you from chasing your dream! Like the old saying goes, nothing worth doing every comes easy! 

Knobby gives its customers the power to be their most confident self. How do you prepare for a fight so that you can be your most confident self in the ring?

Preparation at a professional level is so important as a fighter. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. From daily meal prep to never skipping a session I'm always planning ahead what my week looks like so that I can get the most out of my camp. My daily exercise routine usually looks like a morning walk with my puppy where I'll aim to get in 5,000 - 10,000 steps.

Come night time I've got a 2 hour session at the gym which is inclusive of hard pad rounds, sparring, body weight exercises and cardio. Thankfully Knobby underwear keeps me super confortable during training 24/7. On the weekends rest is essential, I typically will get a massage or acupuncture to help with any little niggles that have formed over the week so that my body can refuel itself for another tough week ahead. 

Melinda pictured with boyfriend and Ninja Warrior Matt. Wearing the Knobby Bush Bussin Shortie and Bralette.

What is your all-time favourite Knobby design and why?

Ahh I love them all! But I think my favourite one would have to be Coral Camo! I love the colours that were applied which make them so fun! As well as being a big lover of water and the ocean, I loved the concept behind Coral Camo and the awareness raised for our eco system & Great Barrier Reef. 

What is your favourite Knobby style, and why?

I'm definitely a Shortie & Bralette kinda girl! I think the Shorties give the perfect shape to my figure and the bralette is so easy to remove! Especially as a Muay Thai fighter, pulling shirts over my head when my arms are so lethargic are not a vibe, so unclipping the bralette (or making Matt do it) is very convenient! 

Melinda wearing her favourite Knobby design, Coral Camo 


Muay Thai fighters have some pretty intense entrance music. What song would you choose to pump up the crowd before a fight, and why?

Big lover of music over here, I can never stick to just one song! I usually change my song every fight as new music comes out all the time. I tend to get hooked on songs that will carry me through camp, typically anything from Parkway Drive to Sammy Virji (UKG artist) to House music. I usually will walk out to the song that's inspired me the most through my sessions. 

If you could have any fictional character as your Muay Thai training partner, who would it be, and what superpowers would they bring to the ring?

Wonder Woman for sure! I'm sure she could definitely teach me a few moves. But also I think her super power within the ring would be not just her strength, but the fact that she is an emblem for female empowerment. Nothing more badass and empowering for woman that to see females giving male dominant sports a red hot crack! 

Muay Thai fighters often have unique pre-fight rituals. Do you have any quirky pre-fight habits or lucky charms that you swear by?

I will usually spend most of the morning in bed with Matt before we head out for a nice breakfast. Throughout the day I just like to shadowbox and picture my hand being raised. Of course Matt and I have this little quirk that we will always be wearing a matching set of Knobby when I fight 😋 

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you inside or outside the ring during your Muay Thai career?

The funniest thing that has happened to me would probably have had to been at my 3rd fight. I had the gloves all tapped on and I was next up - before I knew it I had to pee so badly! I asked my coach at the time if I could take the gloves off to go to the toilet, she said there was no way. She ended up having to take me to the bathroom & help me pee haha! 

Melinda and Daeney are Feeling Pine!

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If you want to see more of Melinda or her boyfriend Matt, you can find their social links below.

Instagram: @_melindalee

TikTok: @_melindalee

Instagram: @really_matt_questionmark