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Naturals vs BottleBlend

Article by Tahlia Raven - 30/05/2024

Naturals vs BottleBlend
Naturals vs BottleBlend

Let us tell you why you need Naturals and BottleBlend in your life.

What are Naturals?

Knobby Naturals is the latest range of underwear that we have introduced to The Undie Club. The underwear in the Naturals range is made from sustainably sourced wood using an environmentally friendly closed-loop production process.

The range comes in our 5 most popular styles: the Trunk and Classic Brief for the men and the Bikini, Shortie, and Bralette for the ladies. All of the Naturals styles are exclusive to The Undie Club and so designs are made to match our existing BottleBlend range.

This range was crafted to offer a natural alternative to Undie Club members, giving you the same unapologetically fun designs but in a softer and more sustainable material.


The Benefits.

1. Good for the planet: made from sustainably sourced TENCEL modal wood fibres

2. Softer than bamboo, twice as soft as cotton

3. 100% traceable and sustainable

4. Naturally breathable for everyday comfort

When to wear them.

Consider the Naturals range your new go-to underwear for the slow days where you want to prioritise soft luxury and comfort. You might be lounging around the home, binge watching the latest Bridgerton series, or going on a weekend drive. Knobby Naturals are for the moments where you want to treat yourself to a little self-care, every day.

What is BottleBlend?

BottleBlend is the core fabric used across all of our styles in the Undie Club and was the first step in our mission to be the most sustainable underwear brand in the world. BottleBlend is Knobby's very own recycled material, with each style in the range made from up to four recycled plastic bottles.

This range is literally turning trash into treasure.


The Benefits.

1. Ultra lightweight fabric

2. Pin-hold breathability to keep you cooler than a tub of neapolitan ice-cream

3. Moisture-wicking performance fibres to keep you fresh and comfy


When to wear them.

BottleBlend is the underwear you reach for when you're on the go and when feeling cool and fresh is your top priority. No matter if you're at work, walking the dog, or on a pub crawl, BottleBlend is a performance fibre that is up to the challenge of keeping you comfortable all day, everyday.

So why do you need both?

BottleBlend and Naturals are like yin and yang, you need both to bring a sense of balance in your life. Naturals for when cosy comfort is key and BottleBlend for when feeling cool and fresh is your top priority.

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