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Mushroom Fields Forever

Article by Tahlia Raven - 16/08/2023

Mushroom Fields Forever
Mushroom Fields Forever

This month we have taken you on a trip to the grooving 70's - a time of psychedelic exploration and free love.

We welcome you back to a time where Grease is the trending movie at the drive-in and Bohemian Rhapsody is #1 on the charts. If you weren't at the skate rink, you could definitely be found under the disco ball sweating it out with a little Friday night fever.

From boho to disco to punk, the fashion in the 70's was absolutely iconic with bell-bottoms, turtleneck sweaters, and tie-dye being the hottest trends on the scene. Underwear followed the same trend with groovy prints, bold colours, and a focus on self-expression. Bell-bottoms and disco fever brought in high-waisted classics for women that perfectly complimented the fashion of the era. While men's underwear was influenced by the dance culture, which lead to the iconic dance belt for men, a staple in the disco scene.

The era's free-spirited vibe was our inspiration for July's club design, Mushroom Fields Forever. Designed by in-house artist Phil Ramskill, this design encourages you to embrace the kaleidoscope of colours and patterns as you journey through Mushroom Fields. Let the trippy frogs and their hippy charm transport you to an era of peace, love, and groovy vibes. In this vibrant forest of psychedelic colours, mischievous frogs leap from mushroom to mushroom, their croaks filling the air. Dancing amidst the enchantment, ethereal nymphs with flowing hair add a touch of trippy magic.


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