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Do the Monster Mash!

Article by Tahlia Raven - 05/10/2023

Do the Monster Mash!
Do the Monster Mash!

Something wicked this way comes!

In preparation for spooky season, Undie Club members were tricked and treated to a supernatural delight with September’s release of Monster Mash. This eerie design was concocted by our very own creepy creative, Phil Ramskill and was inspired by vintage Halloween masks. Each style features a mash of all your favourite monster classics, as well as a special glow in the dark waistband that is guaranteed to give you the chills!

In honour of the Monster Mash release, we conducted our own paranormal investigation into the Knobby Nation to see how many notorious Australian ghost towns or haunted suburbs we had delivered too, and this is what we found:

Eucla, Western Australia

Eucla is a small town right on the border of South and West Australia. It was established in 1885 and currently has a population of 45 people. In 1980, the town lost its war with a plague of rabbits that devoured the vegetation holding nearby sand dunes together and as a result the shifting sands swallowed the town whole. The rabbits had won and the townspeople were forced to move 4km north to higher grounds to escape their sandy demise. The only remnants of the original Eucla township is the telegraph station that still stands amongst the dunes.

Picton, New South Wales

Picton is a small town in New South Wales and has the reputation of being Australia’s most haunted town. It was founded in 1821 and over the years a number of unexplained encounters have happened inside its historic buildings. One of the most famous historic sites is the now abandoned Mushroom Tunnel, which is said to be cursed by a young woman who was struck by a train in the tunnel in 1916. Since her death, residents and tourists have reported feeling sudden drops in temperature and seeing a white figure of a woman who has no face. 

Port Arthur, Tasmania

Port Arthur is a town and former convict settlement on the Tasman Peninsula. The Port Arthur Historic Site is a world heritage property where the ruins of prison buildings, a church, and asylum still stand. More than 1000 people died at Port Arthur during its 47-year history as a penal settlement, with documented ghost stories associated with Port Arthur since 1870. People brave enough to do the Paranormal Investigation Experience at the Port Arthur Historic Site have experienced disembodied voices and poltergeist movement, to people being physically attacked. 


Let us know in the comments below if you have any ghost stories from your home town, we’d love to hear ‘em!

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