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Knobby Undie Run x Husqvarna Women’s Trail Ride

Article by Tahlia Raven - 05/07/2023

Knobby Undie Run x Husqvarna Women’s Trail Ride
Knobby Undie Run x Husqvarna Women’s Trail Ride

Over a cold Winter weekend in June, 168 fearless female riders blazed into the small rural town of Conondale at the Sunshine Coast for the Husqvarna Women’s Trail Ride 4. The annual event was hosted by legendary off-road motorcycle racer Jemma Wilson, and was created for every woman with a bike regardless of age and riding ability to empower and encourage them to fearlessly pursue their off-road motorcycle passion. As Jemma described,

"The Husqvarna Women's Trailride 4 was last weekend and it was amazing!!
The weekend was a cold one but that didn't stop the ladies from getting out there and making the most of it! With the 3 circuits, Motorex Grass Track, Ballard's Natural Terrain and MXstore MX Track, and main trail to choose from there were endless possibilities for the ladies to get out there and ride the weekend away. Conditions cleared each of the two days and the riding was epic through the hills of Green Park with a quick splash through the creek at the end."

Knobby was super proud to be an official sponsor of an event that gives people the power to be their most confident self. Every single participant at the event was gifted a set of Knobby underwear as well as a selection of Knobby goodies. The  speediest speed demons in the Knobby Undie Run also won limited edition Knobby car seat towels. Jemma explains,

"We had a couple of chances for the ladies to win some sweet prizes on Saturday with the always amusing Ice Cream Relay and the addition of the Knobby's Undie Run, which saw the competitors dress up, or down, to show off their awesome new Knobby's!! Saturday night was a vibe set by some great live music and, of course, the big favourite, the Young Henrys bar!"

So as the dust settled on an unforgettable weekend, the Husqvarna Women’s Trail Ride 4 gave riders the power to be their most confident selves off-road by providing them with an opportunity to push their boundaries, conquer challenges, and showcase their skills. Knobby is proud to align with empowering experiences like this, where people everywhere are encouraged to unleash their confidence and make their mark on the world! As our team member on the ground, Melanie Lang, summarised

“Giving out undies to all the competitors as they signed on, and seeing their smiles was fantastic. Then to see everyone come out after a full day of riding, wearing the undies as the sun set and the temperature start to drop was even better. Everyone looked amazing, super confident and up for the challenge of the Knobby undie run, what a blast!”

To find out more about Jemma Wilson and her event schedule check out