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Getting Lucky | A Tale from the Knobby Nation

Article by Tahlia Raven - 04/03/2024

Getting Lucky | A Tale from the Knobby Nation
Getting Lucky | A Tale from the Knobby Nation

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Superstitions can offer us a sense of control and calm in a world full of the unknown. We avoid walking under ladders and breaking mirrors for fear of 7 years bad luck, we place an upright horseshoe over a doorway to encourage luck into our lives, we never open an umbrella under a roof or put shoes on the table for fear of the karmic reaction, and we knock on wood to ward off or reverse bad luck.

October 2020 Club Design, Bad Luck

Every single one of us has a set of unwritten superstitious rules that we abide by. Athletes in particular are famously superstitious, known for having all kinds of different good luck charms and pre-game rituals. For Patrick Mahomes - the NFL quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs - it's a pair of underwear that he first wore as an NFL rookie, and which he has worn for every single game since. Mahomes joked that he has kept his lucky underwear in good condition for last six years, only wearing them for game day and washing them only once in a while to keep the luck rolling when he's on a winning streak.

February 2021 Special Edition Design, Luck O the Irish

This story got us thinking - was there anyone in our community who had a lucky pair of Knobby's and if so, why were they lucky?

Our favourite story is from customer, Craig B.

"Just a message to congratulate you guys on some strong underwear! Last week while working with cattle, I impaled myself on a portable loading ramp down in Southwest Victoria. As you know, that area is a man's crown jewel. Now while it left a big hole in my jeans and a nice 4cm cut to the b**l s**k, your undies never had a mark or hole in them at all! I was very surprised that they did a wonderful job in keeping everything together. No major damage done to me - just very sore, black and blue. By far the luckiest undies I have ever worn."

January 2024 Club Design, Dragon On

If you have any tales of luck while wearing your lucky Knobby undies, we want to hear them over on the Knobby Nation Facebook group.

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