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Smash to Win

Article by Tahlia Raven - 19/09/2023

Smash to Win
Smash to Win

Get ready to Guac and Roll!

In August, our Undie Club members were treated to a rockin’ good time with the release of Guac and Roll. A musical masterpiece by talented in-house artist, Phil Ramskill. Each style features a fun split design, with quirky characters guac-ing out on one side and a sophisticated abstract avocado pattern on the other. 

To celebrate this tasty release, the masterminds at Knobby HQ have created an online game! Access the game here and get ready to smash some avo on toast. To play:

1. Slap some avo on as many pieces of toast as you can when they pop out of the toasters by tapping or clicking the toast.

2. The more toast you splatter with avo, the more points you collect; however if you smash an avo on a burnt piece of toast or miss your chance to smash an avo on a good piece of toast, you will lose a heart.

3. Once all three healthy hearts have been lost, the game will end.

Win a 6-month Undie Club Subscription!

The 3 x highest scores will receive a free 6-month Undie Club subscription.

Competition closes Friday, 20th October 2023. 

Play Guac & Roll Here!

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