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Everything Old is New Again

Article by Tahlia Raven - 13/06/2024

Everything Old is New Again
Everything Old is New Again

You may need to sit down for this one...

The 90’s is now considered vintage!

And just like previous revivals that have been reincarnated by today’s trendsetters - the 90’s is back in a big way! 

The 90’s were a cavalcade of fashion, music & technology trends. From fluoro to flannel, Nirvana to the Spice Girls & walkmans to boomboxes. The 90’s were as eclectic as they come. And this vibe is being rediscovered all over again.


Dungarees, slip dresses & cargo pants are back. Clueless style plaid skirts are being donned by celebrities on the red carpet. T-shirts emblazoned with iconic 90’s bands are being rocked by many too. 

Speaking of music, genres like grunge, pop-punk & hip-hop are experiencing a renewed interest. Physical music formats like CD’s, vinyl & cassettes are being re-released to tap into the current nostalgia kick.

Then there’s the technology. Nokia reissued their iconic 3310 phone back into the fold. Nintendo also released a miniature version of their Super Nintendo console. Even Tamagotchis have made it back! 

Knobbys take on this nostalgic throwback was designed by Phil Ramskill. Totally Hyper incorporates the most popular 90’s music device - the walkman. The ultimate way to listen to your carefully curated mixtapes on the go! 

But to truly throw Totally Hyper over the deep end we have incorporated the holy grail of 90’s fashion trends - Hypercolour!  A trend so popular MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice were spotted wearing it! If that doesn’t scream 90’s then nothing will. 

Available in our Undie Collection plus a rad T-shirt. Totally Hyper will have you stepping back in time & embracing your inner 90’s! 

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