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Cats and Tatts

Article by Tahlia Raven - 23/05/2024

Cats and Tatts
Cats and Tatts

For as long as people have been getting inked up there’s one animal that seems to adorn the body of many. The TIGER! 

Tiger tattoos can symbolise power, independence, ferocity & beauty (just to name a few). 

This iconic tattoo design has been around for centuries. Believed to have originated in Southeast Asia where they are known as religious symbols. In ancient China & Japan, the tiger was seen as a divine creature. Samurais would rock tiger tattoos as a symbol of strength & protection. Tigers were also one of the most popular designs in the Sailor Jerry Tattoo days. Traditional styles of this big cat were worn by greasers, rockers & sailors alike! 


Traditional tattoo references that served as inspiration for Feline Frisky.

With all that the tiger represents, it’s no shock that this design continues to be one of the most popular tattoo designs to this day. Whether you are after a traditional take or a super realistic style, walk into any tattoo shop & the most eye-catching designs on display will more than likely be a strong & snarling tiger. Even celebrities like Angelina Jolie & Connor McGregor have added tigers to their tattoo collections. 

One custom Knobby tattoo coming right up!

Knobby’s take on this ferocious feline requires no visits to a tattoo studio to get inked though! Feline Frisky comes courtesy of US based artist, Robert Goblin. Available in our Undie collection plus a rad enamel pin, it encompasses the timeless traditional tattoo style of a tiger mixed in with the friskiness of a house cat. The perfect combo that will truly put the prowl in your pants!

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