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CAMO-LINE | Caroline Buchanan

Article by Tahlia Raven - 14/03/2024

CAMO-LINE | Caroline Buchanan
CAMO-LINE | Caroline Buchanan

Meet Caroline

Caroline Buchanan is an 8 x BMX and Mountain Bike World Champion, 2 x Olympian, and Knobby ambassador! She is a pioneer for women in BMX and mountain biking and has successfully forged a career within the sport. Caroline now empowers young women across the globe to try action sports and is constantly pushing the envelope for what women can achieve in this sport.

CAMO-LINE is our fourth collaboration with Queen of action sport and just like the Aussie champion, the modern camouflage print in Miami Vice colours is bold and unapologetic!

Caroline gives everyone the power to be their most confident self.

 In this blog post we introduce you to Caroline and explore her career in action sports, the advice she has for aspiring female athletes, her love for Knobby, and a whole lot more!

What inspired you to pursue BMX and mountain biking, and how did your journey as a cyclist begin?

I followed in my brother's - Sam Buchanan - footsteps one day at the local BMX track at age 5.


Could you share some of your most memorable victories in your cycling career so far?

One distinct memory was winning my first mountain bike world title on home soil in Canberra - there was 5,000 people on the hill including my family and friends.

The bike park was created from the 2003 bushfires that burnt down my family home so this one was very special for many reasons and launched my international career.


What advice would you give to aspiring female athletes who want to pursue a career in cycling or any other action sport?

First of all give it a try!! Be your own best cheer leader and never compare your beginng, middle, or end to someone else’s timeline.

The words I live by are: how you do anything is how you do everything, so always aspire to execute all aspects of life and your action sport with integrity and excellence.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about cycling, and how has it influenced your riding?

For me it was hard to BE what I couldn’t SEE when growing up.

When I was growing up I couldn’t see any females in action sport making a career out of BMX so having Layne Beachley and other mentors believing in me and helping me, inspired me to be the leader in the sport and to be seen as the future of BMX and mountain bike.


What’s your favourite aspect of the cycling communities that you’re a part of, and why?

The fact that we are all so present and have found our sense of purpose and belonging on two wheels. We all ride for the same reason and that’s for the love of it!


Knobby gives its customers the power to be their most confident self. How do you prepare for a ride so that you can be your most confident self on the track?

I believe in cosmetic horsepower: look good feel good ride good! I love to match my colours and bikes and clothing and protection, and have what I call cosmetic horsepower. It makes me feel confident to show up and shine on the inside and the out! 

You have a new range Camo-line by Caroline Buchanan designed in collaboration with Knobby launching soon. Tell us about the inspiration behind this design.

I really wanted something that made people feel empowered and vibrant! The modern camouflage print in Miami vice colours is bold and unapologetic!!  I like to show up and shine when I compete and I wanted the Knobby Nation and my supporters to feel the same. Enjoy CAMO-LINE


What is your favourite style from the collection and why?

The Bralette and G-String combo are my go-to for racing, training and lifestyle


Why is Knobby your go-to underwear brand? 

Because it’s STRAYA born n bred. As an Australian Olympian it’s important for me to represent Australian companies! Being sustainably and ethically sourced is rad and I most of all really resonate with the brand doing it their own way, forging the path, being unique, innovative, and bold.

If you could choose any mountain range in the world to ride, where would it be and why?

The mountain ranges in Nepal are on the list of must do places to visit and ride in the world. I think it would be an epic cultural and raw riding experience.


Describe the most breathtaking view you’ve encountered while mountain biking.

Queenstown is really something else. It’s so close to Australia, and riding the bike park and mountain ridge lines - there are postcard "pinch yourself" moments.


How do you balance the thrill of speed with the need for caution and safety?

It's that constant dance for the love of it, the blend of risk and reward is what makes it all worth while. The risk makes you sharp, and to respect the jump or track and the thrill is what lights my soul on fire. We are all searching for what keeps us present in life and for me it’s always been BIKES


What’s the craziest wildlife encounter you’ve had while riding in nature?

There is always danger sticks... those ones that move on the trail ( snakes ) but I remember riding in Whistler, Canada for the first time and coming around a corner to nearly miss a bear cub and thinking: hmmmm where is your mumma bear?


If you could design your dream bike park, what features would it have and why?

It would be at Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra and would be a blend of a progressional jump park, SLOPESTYLE, free-ride and trails. Australia needs something like what Queenstown has for the mountain bike enthusiasts and be able to host events like Crankworx.


What’s the most challenging trick you’ve ever attempted, and how did you overcome the obstacles to master it?

It would have been landing a world’s first front flip. When I landed this in 2021 in Germany at the Audi Nines, I had practiced and landed it into an air bag multiple times and just needed to “ send it " to dirt and trust in the process. I have a pink elephant sticker on my bike that says "one bite at a time" and reminds me to take everything one step at a time.


If you could ride with any cycling legend, past or present, who would it be and why?

She’s not a cycling legend but she's a straight up legend and that’s Pink! It would be awesome to go for a ride with her.

What can the world expect from Caroline Buchanan in 2024?

A whole lot of action with the Crankworx world tour again.

This year I am a part of women's history - being one of the first women to be in SLOPESTYLE mountain biking. I'll be with the channel 9 team in Paris helping to bring Australia the broadcast from the Olympic Games, which I am so honoured to be amongst. Follow along the ride @cbuchanan68 

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