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Aloha from Outer Space

Article by Tahlia Raven - 01/02/2024

Aloha from Outer Space
Aloha from Outer Space

Our February design takes a Knobby twist on the iconic Hawaiian shirt!

In honour of the Hawaii UFD’OH launch, we took a look back through the history books to investigate the origins and transformation of the Hawaiian shirt over the decades.

The Hawaiian shirt stands out as an iconic emblem of leisure and laid-back style. The original idea for Hawaiian shirts can be traced back to the 1920s when they were crafted using colourful leftover kimono fabric. These early prototypes caught the attention of tourists and locals alike, sparking a trend that would soon blossom into a cultural phenomenon.

Koichiro Miyamoto - Musa-Shiya the Shirtmaker - measures out a length of lobster print fabric.

In the 1930’s, the first store dedicated to selling the Hawaiian shirt opened in Waikiki, with the brightly patterned shirts quickly gaining popularity among visitors to the islands.

American serviceman wearing an aloha shirt - circa 1950

During World War II, Hawaiian shirts experienced a surge in popularity as American servicemen stationed in Hawaii embraced them as symbols of relaxation and as an escape from the rigours of military life.

Elvis Presley reppin' a Hawaiian Shirt in his film, Blue Hawaii

In the post-war era, Hawaiian shirts entered the mainstream, capturing the imagination of Hollywood celebrities and trendsetters. Stars like Elvis Presley and Montgomery Clift were often photographed sporting these eye-catching garments, further fuelling their cult appeal.

February 2024 Design, Hawaii UFD'OH

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Hawaiian shirts underwent various stylistic transformations, reflecting changing tastes and fashion trends. From bold floral prints to whimsical motifs featuring surfboards and hula dancers, these shirts evolved into a canvas for artistic expression, embodying the carefree spirit of island life.

Hawaii UFD'OH elements in progress 

In February, Undie Club members had a close encounter with UFD’OH - a Knobby twist on the vintage Aloha Shirt. Based on the island of Hawaii, this extraterrestrial design features an invasion of alien grommies hanging ten, carving it up, and wiping out on the famous waves. Brought to you by crazy creative, Phil Ramskill we hope that this design instantly eases you into relaxation, ready for your next holiday!

UFD'OH on set for our campaign photoshoot

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