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2023 Chrissy Staff Picks

Article by Tahlia Raven - 05/12/2023

2023 Chrissy Staff Picks
2023 Chrissy Staff Picks

The Knobby team are here to help you navigate the chaos of Christmas gifting.

The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching and while so many of us are still trying to grapple with the fact that it is indeed the end of another the year, it is time to shake a leg and grab your favourite Christmas gifts before they sell out!

From Summer accessories to cozy sleepwear, the Knobby team have chosen their favourite items from our range that will make the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

Bush Bussin PJ’s

Bush Bussin PJs would have to be my pick.

For that period during Christmas and New Years where you don’t know what the day or time is, who you are or when you last showered. These are the perfect comfort wear to be surrounded by Christmas leftovers watching the Boxing Day test and lame movies. Super stretchy and soft to accomodate all that Christmas Pud, cause we all know there’s always room for a little more pud..

- Crushi, Production Manager


Water Bottles

I am recommending one of our stylin' water bottles! Both of our water bottles are super strong, with captivating designs that catch the eye and start a conversation! They are beyond amazing at keeping your water cold which has come in handy on many hot Queensland days, and I am yet to see any wear and tear on them despite how clumsy I am when twirling mine around by the handle strap.

These bottles are the perfect gift for anyone who lives an active lifestyle, or for anyone looking to up their water intake by using an original and quality water bottle.

- Dan, Warehouse Supervisor

Beach Towel

I recommend our beach towels. They're quite large and extremely soft. Perfect for sitting on at the beach and drying yourself with.

- Jay, Warehouse Coordinator

Sloth Mode

My recommendation for the perfect Christmas present is our Sloth Mode design, I love this design because the Sloths - as they do in nature - are hidden throughout this wild jungle design. With the chill and relaxed feeling of a sloth, the moment you slip into this awesome underneath, your body will enter Sloth Mode. 

- Sam, Retail Team Leader

Gift Pack

Bush Bussin Gift Pack

This is the perfect gift for someone when you don’t know what to buy them, like me when I buy for my brother-in-law. The underwear in the pack is made from natural bamboo fibres which makes it so soft. I buy him the Knobby underwear gift pack every single year because he loves how they feel. There is also an enamel mug inside that he collects and uses when he goes camping. It all comes packaged nicely in a gift box that you can just wrap and wack under the tree. Voila! Another person off your Christmas list.

- Tahlia, Operations Coordinator


Gift Subscription


Gift Subscription

A Knobby Gift Subscription is literally the best gift ever! The person you're buying it for gets a surprise new design sent to them every month, for the length of the subscription. And it's so easy to buy, you just select the length of the subscription (3, 6 or 12 months), and that is it. You don’t need to know their size or anything.

- Lisa, Marketing Manager