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Ants In Ya Pants

We've teamed up with the crew at Pirate Life Brewing and created the most unapologetically Australian beer with a weird little twist… Ants In Ya Pants!

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Pirate Life and Knobby are a match made in heaven. Both founded in 2014, we started from humble beginnings with a dream. Both brands were built on risk and created for legends, we’re creatively bold, and we’ve changed the way people think about two of the most important things in life… underwear and beer!
In the end, we love their beer and they love our undies. It’s that simple. And, we hope you love what this collab is all about.
KNOBBY is more Australian than a swooping magpie, and we wanted to create a beer that was a reflection of our unique community. With a sprinkle of originality, fun and creativity and, like every month's undie design, we wanted to surprise.
With the help of Pirate Life, we created one helluva experience. An Aussie Pale Ale with a twist!
What if we were to include a native ingredient and a unique bush tucker. Maybe a cranky little critter with a powerful citrusy punch… Green Ants!
They add a lime and coriander flavour with a big citrus burst on the palate, so half a kilo in the whirlpool did the job.
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Want to grab a carton of the Ants In Ya Pants Green Ant Pale Ale, visit the Pirate Life store 
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