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The Year in Review

Article by Tahlia Raven - 01/01/2024

The Year in Review
The Year in Review

And with that the 2023 season comes to an end, goodnight!

Join us as we countdown the designs from across the year. 

01. January - Crocovision in 3D

Caution! Objects seen through glasses may appear bigger than they appear. In January you grabbed the popcorn as we took you on a 3D cinematic experience with our design Crocovision in 3D! 

02. February - Toucan Do It!

In February you caught jungle fever and partied along with the playful monkeys and chirpy toucans in the depths of the Amazon jungle.

03. March - Heart of Gold

This flower has power! Inspired by The Swan River Daisy that is native to Australia, we created a bold and confident design to celebrate International Women's Day in March.

04. April - Happy Hour

In April we snuck you out for a cocktail at our local dive bar where you were served by the best bar tender on the island. You swam with the mermaids and managed to dodge the pirates but it was all fun and games until the tide came in! It's a good thing we saved you a set of coasters as a souvenir!

05. May - Barking Mad

In May we paid tribute to our canine companions who, no matter the breed, truly are your best friend!

We celebrated the hairy heroes who work selflessly to keep us safe, save lives and bring us comfort. There are rough and tough farm dogs, dogs who use their sniffing powers for good and pups who provide support and assistance to change so many lives.

Our fluffy friends who are delighted when we walk in the door and greet us like they haven’t seen us in weeks. This design is for the devoted dogs who show us, humans, what mateship really is.

06. June - Coral Camo

Inspired by the richest and most complex ecosystem in the world, we took you on a journey into an exotic oasis. You dove beneath the waves to be immersed by rich coral and the cryptic colouration and patterns of aqua psychedelia!

07. July - Mushroom Fields Forever

In July we welcomed you to Fungitopia, where playful frogs and enchanting nymphs unite. You embraced the kaleidoscope of colours and patterns as you journey through Mushroom Fields. You let the trippy frogs and their hippy charm transport you to an era of peace, love, and groovy vibes. 

08. August - Guac and Roll

These were not your nacho average undies. In August, Guac and Roll was like having a party in your pants, complete with your very own Avo cheer squad urging you to rock out with your guac out! 

09. September - Monster Mash

In September, you did the Monster Mash along with all of your favourite monster classics. Your special glow-in-the-dark waistband gleamed brightly as you carved up that dance floor.

10. October - Sloth Mode

In October we encouraged you to be one with the sloth. We provided you with a pop-out puzzle to distract your mind while you slowed down, relaxed, and watched the world go by.

11. November - Slitherin

In November we took you deep into the bush where you spotted the extremely rare pink bellied black snake with its scales glistening like a mosaic of pink diamonds and its eyes radiating like molten gold. 

12. December - Summer Bummer

For our final design of the year, we took you to the beach for some fun in the sun! The design features a bright and bold colour palette with some cheeky graphics meant to bring a wry smile to your face.

That's all folks!

Each month our designs are thoughtfully created to make you feel ridiculously good and give you the power to be your most confident self. Let us know over on the Knobby Nation which design topped your year and what designs you'd like to see in 2024!