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Resurface - Underwear Made From Plastic Bottles

Article by Bailey Walker - 28/03/2023

Resurface - Underwear Made From Plastic Bottles
Resurface - Underwear Made From Plastic Bottles

Saving the sea, whilst keeping you comfy...

Introducing Resurface, our first edition created from our very own BottleBlend™.

Each pair is created from up to six recycled plastic bottles. The best part is, they look and feel the same as the undies you know and love. This new material now features across every style in the Undie Club.

Doing our bit to save the sea, our packaging has now gone plastic free! It’s all part of our commitment to a more sustainable future and leading the industry to remove all single-use plastics.

It's predicted to take over 400 years for plastics to break down. The design of Resurface depicts a future, whereby fish become fossilised with remnants of plastic. We collaborated with Australian illustrator, Patrick 'Ink Hunter', to create the message inside the imagery, with sustainability at its core. 

This project was of real significance to us, not only as a brand but as part of an industry with ethical practises are beginning to emerge. We got together with Patrick to get his thoughts on the project as well as the importance of giving the flick to single-use plastics.

Some words from Patrick:

"My name is Patrick Hunter, aka Ink Hunter. I'm a street artist from Sydney, specialising in large-scale murals, installations, and purpose-driven artworks. Over the years I've experimented with different styles and mediums and have begun to evolve my work into an outlet to raise awareness around environmental causes.

As an artist and someone with an acute awareness of visual surroundings, I focus on artworks that evoke a visual cue for positive change.

Microplastics are posing an immediate threat to wildlife, ecosystems, and even the climate. No bigger than 5 mm, micro-plastics can break down to the size of a grain of sand, and are carried in waterways, or even airborne with traces of micro-plastics being found in Arctic ice.

We have to do our best and believe that we can do our best, in order to protect the environment we have today."

We wanted to make a statement with the release of BottleBlend™, to show what's possible and how to work sustainably without compromising comfort or quality.

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