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Knobby x Women's Community Shelters

Article by Bailey Walker - 07/03/2023

Knobby x Women's Community Shelters
Knobby x Women's Community Shelters

Helping us provide women and children with safe accomodation...

Knobby is dedicated to having a positive impact people's lives - all day, every day. To express the Good in our mission to provide Good Underneaths, we've partnered with i=Change to donate $1 from every purchase to charity.

Across Australia, around 56,000 women are homeless each night, many with young children. Each year, that number gets bigger. Women unable to access shelters are left vulnerable, disconnected from community and support networks. 

Women’s Community Shelters is dedicated to providing women and children with a safe place to stay and an opportunity to rebuild their lives. These shelters offer a place to stay, food to eat, and resources to help women and children get back on their feet.

$50 provides a hot meal and a safe, comfortable place to stay for one night.

Over the last couple of years, Women's Community Shelters have experienced a 25% increase in inquiries for safe accommodation for women and children who are homeless or escaping domestic violence. Existing services were already at full capacity, with more than 50% of women seeking shelter turned away due to a lack of beds.

The staff at these shelters work tirelessly to make sure that everyone is safe and has what they need — including therapy sessions, job advice from career specialists, continuing education classes, and more.

Without shelters like these ones, many women and children would be left out in the cold without hope for a better future. At Knobby, we're doing our bit to make sure that never has to happen, so every customer has the opportunity to donate $1 to this helpful organisation.

Head to the i=Change website or directly to the Women's Community Shelter website to find out more.