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RUOK Day Ambassador James Alexander

Article by Bailey Walker - 27/03/2023

RUOK Day Ambassador James Alexander
RUOK Day Ambassador James Alexander

James Alexander is riding to take the weight off mental health; and we wanted to help...

Back in 2019, James attempted to take his own life. He gained immense perspective following this dark time in his life, and vowed to do what he could to spread the message of RUOK? in order to encourage and nurture the important conversations that can ultimately save a life.


"We need to collectively change this space [on mental health]"


When James approached us, we were enthusiastic to jump on board and support his journey using the comfiest tools at our disposal - clean underwear! We're a proud sponsor of James and the message he seeks to spread. With a handsome load of Knobbys and a donation to help him on his way, the Team wanted to hear more about James' story, his own ambitions beyond the ride and how he is striving to be a positive role model for his young son.


"I don't want [my son] to think I lost control"


Bailey sat down for a chat with James to learn more, ahead of his Big Ride at the end of March. You can watch the interview below:

At Knobby, we recognise the importance of RUOK? Day and the notion that it's okay to not be okay. It's never weak to speak.


Follow and support James and his journey here!

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