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Caroline Buchanan

Article by Bailey Walker - 07/03/2023

Caroline Buchanan
Caroline Buchanan

A cycling star and a role-model for girls everywhere, Caroline Buchanan is a big part of the Knobby Family.

Caroline Buchanan has been dominating on two wheels for more than 20 years, achieving remarkable success as a 3-time BMX World Champion and 5-time Mountain Bike World Champion.

On top of her cycling prowess, Caroline wears several hats, including those of a pro-athlete, businesswoman, social media influencer, mentor, and proud advocate for women in sports.

Caroline's grounded attitude and down-to-earth nature make her one of the most approachable sportswomen in Australia. She is equally comfortable teaching young girls how to navigate their first run on the track as she is dodging trees downhill on a mountain bike. Caroline's values of equality, hard work, and respect motivate her to live by one of her mottos - "overcoming what life throws at you makes you stronger." She uses her influence and recognition in the field to support and empower young women in sports, paving the way for the next generation.

As part of her longstanding relationship with Knobby underwear, Caroline has designed and delivered two unique collections of custom Knobby underwear; Outta Space Donuts and Bolts.

These ranges were both designed, styled and selected by Caroline herself, as a way to showcase her own creative flair. Both collections are designed to support the wearer and bring joy to everyone’s ‘inner kid’.

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